About Us

Talking Point Language Education Centre是一家位於香港的語言學習機構。過往十多年來, 我們位於九龍塘區為不同年齡人士提供高品質的語言教育和培訓服務、增加溝通技巧,幫助學習者提升語言能力並實現他們的學習目標。  Talking Point在過去的時間裡已經建立了良好的聲譽和廣泛的學習者群體。我們提供多種語言課程,包括英語、普通話、西班牙語、法語和德語等等。無論是學術需求還是日常溝通,我們的課程都能夠滿足不同學習者的需求。

Talking Point 的課程由經驗豐富的外籍語言教師設計和教授。他們採用多元化的教學方法和教材,注重提高學習者的聽、說、讀、寫等語言技能,並結合互動活動和實際應用,以提高學習者的參與度和學習效果。中心也提供個別輔導和小組課程,以滿足不同學習者的需求和學習風格。

Talking Point 致力於提供優質的語言教育服務,並創造一個支持和鼓勵的學習環境。他們的課程靈活且具有彈性,以適應不同學習者的需求,包括學生、職場人士和專業人士等。他們的目標是幫助學習者在語言學習的過程中取得成功,並提供他們所需的技能和自信,以應對現實生活和職業挑戰。

自2019年Talking Point Language Education Centre決定將教學模式從面授課程轉為以線上教學為主。這個轉變為學生帶來了彈性學習、全球連接、多媒體教學、和個別化教學等多重好處。這樣的教學方式提供了更豐富多樣的學習體驗,並使學生能夠更好地適應現代教育的需求。

如果您對Talking Point Language Education Centre有進一步的興趣或需要詳細的資訊,歡迎您與我聯絡。

Talking Point Language Education Centre is a language learning institution located in Hong Kong. Over the past decade, we have been providing high-quality language education and training services to individuals of all ages in the Kowloon Tong area, helping learners enhance their communication skills, improve their language abilities, and achieve their learning goals. Talking Point has established a good reputation and a wide community of learners over the years. We offer a variety of language courses, including English, Mandarin Chinese, Spanish, French, German, and etc.

The courses at Talking Point are designed and taught by experienced foreign language teachers. They employ diverse teaching methods and materials, focusing on developing learners’ listening, speaking, reading, writing, and other language skills. Interactive activities and practical applications are incorporated to enhance learner engagement and effectiveness. We also offer individual tutoring and small group classes to accommodate different learners’ needs and learning styles.

Talking Point is committed to providing quality language education services and creating a supportive and encouraging learning environment. Their courses are flexible and adaptable to cater to the needs of various learners, including students, working professionals, and individuals in specialized fields. Our goal is to help learners succeed in their language learning journey and provide them with the skills and confidence to face real-life and professional challenges.

Since 2019, Talking Point Language Education Centre has transitioned from in-person classes to online teaching, which has brought multiple benefits to students, including flexible learning, global connectivity, multimedia instruction, and personalized learning. This teaching approach offers a more diverse and enriched learning experience, enabling students to better adapt to the demands of modern education.

If you have further interest in Talking Point Language Education Centre or require detailed information, please feel free to reach us thru email info@talkingpoint.com.hk.